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Mantucket Capital Office

We are a group of socially responsible entrepreneurs and investors with a global network of executive contacts, a long track record of building successful businesses across multiple industries, and a core mission to partner with management teams to build value. Our single source of capital allows us to do so without restriction on industry, investment structure, or time horizon.


We grow companies by
investing in people

We partner with entrepreneurs and operators committed to realizing the endless potential of their companies. We are a collaborative and relationship-driven investment partner with a long track record serving as partners in growth

Value add, always.

First and foremost, we are helpers — just ask our partners with whom we've worked side-by-side to build thriving companies. We can do this because our talented team is managed by entrepreneurs, operators, and investors, including our founder who started and continues to run a global company. As a result, we can provide strategic operational insight and mentorship that traditional investors cannot.

We are profoundly curious.

We have an insatiable desire for knowledge and an unapologetic curiosity about what makes entrepreneurs and their businesses tick. We’re fascinated by leaders who believe their businesses can change the world, so it’s by design that our team members have license to dream big and create opportunity right alongside them.

Respect is everything.

When someone invites us into their company, they deserve our warmest welcome, not our egos. We hold ourselves to the same high expectations as we do our companies, especially when it comes to being accessible and responsive. As such, we are steadfast allies, thoughtful partners and truth tellers who respect our partners' time, experience, and contributions

Working with us is refreshingly straightforward.

As a family office, we manage over $3 billion of committed capital without institutional constraints. This enables us to be highly flexible in terms of industry, investment structure, and time horizon. It also enables us to make expedited investment decisions with a streamlined closing process. This lack of bureaucracy not only makes us nimble, but it has allowed us to deploy hundreds of millions of dollars in billions of transaction value over the last 15 years.

We have an unfaltering belief
in limitless potential.

Bring us the visionaries who own their destiny, and who have the traction and strategy to prove it. We love to help businesses scale, become sustainable, expand their possibilities, and drive performance.


Our Team

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Dan Bullitt



CPA | Senior Associate

Brian Mankwitz



Managing Director

Ian McLeod



CFA | Principal

Amy Reilly



Tax Manager

Sarah Wadsworth



General Counsel

Wendy Wing




Kenneth Tuchman


Kenneth Tuchman

Kenneth Tuchman is the founder and CEO of TTEC, a public company with more than 62,000 employees on six continents. 

Kenneth founded TTEC in1982 with the goal of humanizing the customer experience. Under his leadership, the company has become one of the largest global providers of digital customer experience technology and services, handling millions of interactions each day for the world’s most iconic brands. 

A self-made, serial entrepreneur, Kenneth started his first business venture as a teenager and created companies in the automotive and advertising sectors before founding TTEC. He has over 40 years of experience in the customer experience technology and services industry, driving innovation, growth and profitability in all economic cycles.

In 1997, Kenneth and his wife Debra founded the Tuchman Family Foundation to advance education, breakthrough medical research, environmental sustainability, community well-being and positive social change.

Kenneth formed Mantucket Capital, a private investment firm, in 2007. Mantucket Capital is not a TTEC shareholder and is independent of TTEC.

TTEC LogoTuchman Family Foundation logo
Kenneth Tuchman

Ken Tuchman


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Kenneth Tuchman is an entrepreneur and innovator who approaches philanthropy with the same results-oriented focus that helped him build Denver-based TTEC into one of the world’s largest providers of customer experience solutions. Twenty-five years ago, Kenneth and his wife Debra established the Tuchman Family Foundation to maximize the impact of their giving and make measurable progress on their goal of helping people and communities thrive.By leveraging partnerships, business expertise and on-the-ground resources, the foundation has addressed many areas of need throughout its history, including improving educational outcomes for Denver-area students, accelerating the discovery of drugs to fight Alzheimer’s and providing 200,000 meals for Colorado health care workers during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the foundation focuses on education, breakthrough medical research, environmental sustainability, community well-being and positive social change, the organization is structured to quickly pivot to respond to current issues as the need arises.To encourage philanthropy among his employees, Kenneth also oversees the TeleTech Community Foundation which was launched in 2007. Through the corporate foundation, employees help provide access to educational tools and programs in the communities where they live and work.Ken also serves on the board of directors of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the board of trustees for Colorado Succeeds. He is a past winner of the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation’s Dream Maker Award for his commitment to quality education.